The mission of the Cyprus Pedagogical Institute (C.P.I.) is to cater for the continuous training of teachers at all levels so as to assist them in their efforts for professional and personal development. The work of the Cyprus Pedagogical Institute is, principally, developmental in character, addressing all levels of education. The mission of the C.P.I. is the continuing professional development of all teachers, in the context of the stated educational policy, and its work covers all levels of education operating towards various directions:

  • It offers in‐service training to teachers of all levels through several compulsory programmes and optional seminars;
  • It plans and executes education research and evaluation studies;
  • It follows and adapts current trends in pedagogy;
  • It promotes the use of new technologies in education;
  • It undertakes the writing and publication of teaching books, the designing of the curriculum and the production of teaching materials.

As teachers trainers of the Cyprus Pedagogical Institute we know that within schools, teacher quality is a key lever of students engagement and achievement. Empowering teachers to cultivate happiness, optimism, positivity and ethos within schools is one of our main focuses during the training approaches we use.

Polyxeni Stylianou
Sofia Agathangelou
Tonia Spyropoulou