Demetra Mavrou (Psychologist/ Research Associate)

Demetra Mavrou is a registered clinical psychologist. She has a BSc in Psychology and an MSc in Clinical Psychology. She is working as a part-time Research Associate for European funded programmes at the Institute of Development and practises privately at the Centre of Clinical Psychology. She has worked with a number of difficulties; such as depression, trauma, bereavement, abuse, personality disorders, and psychosis, both on one-on-one and groups, with children, adults and elderly, where she offered assessment, treatment plans, diagnosis and therapy, as well as psychometric testing. She developed, implemented and coordinated weekly programmes for inpatients in in-house setting, inception and implementations of seniors’ society group, play-therapy for children at the hospital; and has provided assessment for refugees through the UNHCR. Her dissertation was concerned with the health-related quality of life of thyroid cancer survivors in Cyprus, as she has an interest in chronic diseases and how people are affected and cope with them. She is a founding member of the Cyprus positive education association, as she is also interested in applications of positive psychology in schools.