GrantXpert provides high level consulting and training services, contributing to the development of EU enterprises, municipalities/communities, Universities, Research Institutes, NGOs and other types of organizations.

Further to the provision of information for funding opportunities and the preparation of the proposal for the obtainment of funds, the company is involved in the implementation of the project through its financial and administrative management, thus offering comprehensive services and continuous guidance at all stages within the context of the funded programmes.

In addition, the company takes advantage of its employees’ long experience in the EU funding area and organises executive training seminars for the development of Cypriot and other European organisations. More specifically GrantXpert organises seminars and lectures in relation to the funding opportunities that are available from European and national programmes, sharing the knowledge and expertise acquired all these years in the preparation and drafting of competitive proposals for funded programmes.

Moreover, the company implements research projects in financial and social-economic matters directly related to Cyprus and targets mainly the increase in competitiveness of small-to-medium companies, which consist of 99% of all enterprises in the island.

Maria Kalli (MSc)
Dr Vassilia Hadjichristodoulou