Institute of Development is a business company established as a legal entity in 2003.

Its vision is to contribute to the improvement of the society’s quality of life through the continuous development of the individual, the family, the human resources of businesses and educational organizations, promoting mental health, a positive outlook to life, the boost of creative skills, increasing performance, empowerment and experience of happiness.

Its mission is to offer counseling services for personal, family and professional development and also training of human resources in schools, enterprises and other organisations in the public and private sector. It is administered by the Director and the Secretary. Since 2003, more than 100 workshops for teachers and about 1200 lectures to parents have been delivered all over Cyprus. For its educational and training activities it collaborates with professionals mostly from Universities from Cyprus and Greece. “Areti” project‐ a character education programme financed by the Ministry of Justice and Public Order and with the support of the Cyprus Children Observatory since 2007 as well as the management and coordination of the master’s programme “Creative Arts and Animation” which aims to enhance the joy of learning and creativity through innovative psycho-pedagogical methods using arts as a support tool – constitute major achievements of the organization.

In January 2016, Institute of Development in collaboration with the Cyprus Pedagogical Institute, started a pilot phase of the programme “Positive Learning” which is concerned with the applications of positive psychology in education.  The fundamental goal of the programme is happiness, good character development and achievement for both, teachers and children.  Forty-six primary school teachers are already involved in the pilot programme.

The theory, methods and practices used are based on the most modern scientific approaches and more specifically on the principles of Humanistic and Positive Psychology, on the cooperative learning models, creative thinking, multiple intelligences, and on character education based on values.

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