Panteion University of Social and Political Sciences is a higher education institution of our country, specialising in Social Sciences, Political Science, International Studies, Psychology, History, Science of Public Administration and the Media. In other words, it is the higher education institution that, with its undergraduate and postgraduate courses, as well as with its research institutes encompasses all Social Sciences and Humanities.

Its Faculty includes eminent professors, important intellectuals and prolific thinkers, who fill the auditoriums and classrooms and contribute to the University being widely acknowledged on a national level, more so since several of its professors have been appointed to high offices, for example as Presidents of the Hellenic Republic, such as M. Stassinopoulos and K. Tsatsos. Many of its faculty members ascended to high level offices in international institutions, while others had had significant political involvement in our national life.


Department of Psychology

The policy and objectives of the psychology department are formulated and developed in the context of responsibility and challenge. More specifically, this department offers a highly theoretical training to the students in the basic fields of the psychological science (psychophysiology, neuropsychology, experimental, cognitive, social, developmental and clinical psychology), the familiarizing and training of students to the basic rules and scientific research methods of capturing, understanding and interpretation of the human behavior, the further development and promotion of the psychological science as one of the human and society sciences. Training or retraining of members of the teaching and research staff of the department in countries like France, Switzerland, Greece, USA, Italy, Canada provides an opportunity for teachers to make students more sensitive to the political / ideological basis of theories of psychological science as these were developed and grown in the context of knowledge within specific socio-political systems and eras.

Galanakis Michael, PhD
Dr. Agathi Lakioti
Eirini Karakasidou, MSc, Ph.D.c
Christos Pezirkianidis
Dr Stalikas Anastasios