The University of Malta is the highest teaching institution in Malta, consisting of 33 faculties, centres and institutes. It is a publicly funded institution, the only university in the country, and is open to all those who have the requisite qualifications. In the past decades it has reviewed its structures in order to be in line with the Bologna process and the European Higher Education Area. It has over 11,000 students including over 1000 foreign/exchange students from nearly 60 different countries.

The Centre for Resilience and Social and Emotional Health at the University of Malta seeks to develop and promote social and emotional health and resilience in children and young people. It operates as a transdisciplinary research centre tapping into the various strands of research and expertise provided by the different disciplines in the field, and conducts research and development work in the area. It has led and participated in various local, European and international research projects in the promotion of children’s and young people’s wellbeing, mental health and resilience. In 2015 it published a European curriculum on the promotion of resilience in early years and primary schools (RESCUR Surfing the Waves) developed with five other European partners as part of an EU funded three year programme. The Centre publishes the International Journal of Emotional Education, an international, online, open access, peer reviewed journal.

Mrs. Denise Mizzi
Professor Carmel Cefai